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When trying to calculate the relevant year of the cycle in relation to the Gregorian calendar , an easy rule to follow is that years that end in an even number are Yang representing masculine, active and light , those that end with an odd number are Yin representing feminine, passive and darkness. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Not to be confused with Constellations. For differences between systems, see Sidereal and tropical astrology and Zodiac.

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Main article: Zodiac. Further information: Babylonian astrology , Hellenistic astrology , and Ancient Egyptian astronomy. Main article: Triplicity. Further information: Classical element.

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1. Duplicated or Missing Signs on the house cusps

Further information: Decans. Further information: Hindu astrology. Main article: Nakshatra. Main article: Chinese zodiac. The cosmic perspective 4th ed.

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Retrieved 5 January History of astrology Astrology and science Astrology and astronomy Musica universalis Tetrabiblos. Astrologers by nationality List of astrologers. Astrology and science Archaeoastronomy Astrological age Astrological aspect Astrological symbols Astrology and the classical elements Cultural influence of astrology Planets in astrology Zodiac. The Zodiac. Chinese zodiac.

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Cat Rabbit. Sheep Goat. Sheep Goat Wild Boar Pig. Water buffalo Ox Cat Rabbit.

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Turtle Monkey. Turtle Rabbit Mousedeer Monkey or Pig. Elephant Pig. Capricorn: Dec. An Earth sign, ruled by Saturn Aquarius: Jan.

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An Air sign, ruled by Uranus Pisces: Feb. A Water sign, ruled by Neptune All rights reserved. Privacy policy and terms of use. Aries Mar 20 — Apr Taurus Apr 20 — May Gemini May 21 — Jun Cancer Jun 21 — Jul Leo Jul 23 — Aug Virgo Aug 23 — Sep Get ready for your world to change forever.

  • Aries: March 21 – April 19.
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Capricorn: Jan. Aquarius: Feb. Pisces: March April Aries: April May Taurus: May June Gemini: June July